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About Sativius

Your Cannabis Regulatory Specialists

At Sativius, we blend experience and innovation to lead as a cannabis regulatory firm, setting global benchmarks in the cannabis sector.

Company Profile

We are Sativius

A SAHPRA licensed exporter of premium South African cannabis, authorised to supply a wide variety of cannabis in stock and on order.

With a licensed GMP QMS and a passion for market stimulation, we have developed a broader understanding on how to approach challenges with solutions in an un-predictable regulatory environment in the global supply-chain.

Sativius Proprietary Limited (Co. Reg. 2019/440288/07)
Section 22C of Act 101 Licensed (License No.: 0000001441.-.1) Section 22A of Act 53 Authorised (Pharmacy No.: Y59952)
Sativius operates on a Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) Quality Management System.


Rooted in Excellence

Founded in 2019 by a team of seasoned pharmaceutical regulatory specialists, Sativius embarked on overcoming the industry challenges of defining the black and white of the otherwise grey areas in the cannabis industry of South Africa. Providing regulatory assistance in license applications, regulatory authority correspondence, and QMS development for cultivators and analytical testing facilities, Sativius found a foothold in providing meaningful services to the industry.

As the industry evolved, our commitment to stimulating the industry grew, identifying further opportunities for involvement and innovation. Understanding the basis of cannabis cultivation stemming from our country’s rich agricultural heritage, the need to translate this into pharmaceutical compliance for the global market became prevalent. Sativius embarked on creating and pioneering an entirely new industry within the South African regulatory and licensing scope – a license to export local produce.


A Future of Excellence

Sativius envisions becoming the leading exporter of South African medicinal cannabis, known for quality assured, consistent, and professionally traded product.

Our aim is to create a global presence by being the recommended for medical-grade cannabis, expanding our reach to neighboring countries, and becoming the largest cannabis exporter in South Africa by 2028.


Setting Industry Standards

Our mission at Sativius is to present premium South African product to the global market, nurturing sustainable relationships and offering a wide range of South African cannabis.

We prioritise long-term relationships with cultivators and buyers, emphasizing compliance, quality, and the well-being of end patients and customers. Our commitment is to provide exceptional quality products while maintaining continuous compliance with regulations.

We strive to be the single point of contact for South Africa’s cannabis supply, serving as a reliable and efficient trade facilitator and broker for medical-grade cannabis, both locally and internationally.

Our Values

Meet Our Team

Driving Innovation and Excellence

Declan Burger

LLB, PGDip BussAdmin

Managing Director, International Trade Executive

Jan Savrda


Responsible Pharmacist

Tracy Burger


Deputy Responsible Pharmacist

Sarah Ladner

BA Psy.

Senior Regulatory Associate

Rochelle Ngirande

BA Social Sciences

Regulatory Associate

Zelda Geyer

Finance & Logistics Associate

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