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Excellence in Every Exchange

Trade Cannabis Confidently

Embark on a journey of professional cannabis trade with Sativius, where quality, compliance, and global expertise meet.

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Understand How To Trade Cannabis Confidently

We offer contract acceptance solutions, managing complex agreements and ensuring smooth operations and compliance.

Licensed in Cannabis Trade

Licensed exporter of premium South African cannabis

We take pride in our comprehensive licenses and accreditations, ensuring you trade cannabis with a trusted partner.

Who We Are

Pioneers in Cannabis Trade

Sativius, rooted in South Africa, is setting global standards in the medicinal cannabis market, focusing on sustainable, quality-assured trade.


Rooted in Excellence


A Future of Excellence


Setting Industry Standards

Our Team

Driving Innovation and Excellence

Leverage Our Expertise

Ready to simplify your cannabis trade experience?

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Step into a world of professional and reliable cannabis trade.

Meeting Your Needs, Exceeding Expectations

Tailored Services for Cannabis Trade

From licensing assistance to logistics management, our services are designed to streamline your cannabis trade process.

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Comprehensive Trade Facilitation

Bridging the Gap

Contract Acceptance Solutions

Tailored for Your Business

Import and Export Services

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Regulatory Compliance

Upholding Standards

License Acquisition Assistance

Navigating Legal Requirements

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